Environmental Impacts on Building a Wall.

President Trump’s calls for a wall to be built on the U.S.-Mexico border have been controversial to say the least. A recent study shows the economic impact of the existing wall.Today more than 650 miles of border wall stand in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Walls tear through wildlife refuges and wilderness areas, national monuments and national forests, damaging endangered species’ habitat and damming natural watercourses. Environmental laws have been suspended and billions of dollars have been spent on barriers that have little or no effect on immigration, smuggling, or national security.

With laws such as the Endangered Species Act waived, walls were built through the habitat of many species on the Endangered Species List, including jaguar, Sonoran pronghorn, and ocelot. While humans can build ladders or cut holes in border walls, many animals are stopped in their tracks. This fragments their available habitat, separating them from territory, food and water, and potential mates. For many of these animals, reduced and fragmented habitat was a key factor that led to their endangerment in the first place, and chopping up their territory further pushes them closer to extinction. Not to also mention Border walls built across washes and other natural drainages have repeatedly acted as dams and caused severe flood damage.             

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