Climate change is already making Atlantic hurricanes more fierce, study finds

Global warming, also known as climate change, is the phenomenon involving rise in the average earth’s temperature observed over the century.

Climate change is caused through the increase of greenhouse gas emissions within Earth’s atmosphere. Through trapping sunlight, temperatures have risen over the past years thus being called climate change. However, through things like being energy efficient or changing aspects within daily life climate change can be lessened. 

Reducing gas emission both in peoples own life as well as world-wide is also an important response to reducing the effects of climate change and it is also important to be involved in organizations for the environment in order to help promote climate change.

Greenhouse gas emissions is the leading cause of climate change. Though throughout history Earth’s temperatures have fluctuated from cold to warm the excess amount of gasses as a result of burning fossil fuels have caused sunlight to be trapped thus warming the earth. Named the greenhouse effect, gasses such as carbon dioxide or methane have risen Earth’s temperatures seen as according to World Meteorology Organization the warmest years have all been recorded occurring after 1988 with. 

This is also support through the Environmental Protection Agency report earths carbon emissions have been increasing since 1900 reaching almost 9,500 million metric tons in 2010. The effect of climate change is also evident through the rising sea levels, as a result of ice within artic regions melting, going up 17 centimetres.