Sexual harassment is on the rise after #MeToo movement

Time magazine named the #MeToo movement its ‘person’ of the year, highlighting the role companies and nondisclosure agreements play in keeping the victims of abuse silent.

The city of San Antonio Texas has been confronted with sexual allegation cases, by comments & touching have recently surfaced. The number of victims who’ve reported being sexually harassed has gone up ever since the MeToo movement started, In the year immediately following, there were 16 sexual harassment investigations; almost double over the previous year.”Having a greater number doesn’t mean more is happening,” said San Antonio City Manager, Sheryl Sculley. “It means that more people are reporting the activity.”In 2018, a female city employee filed a complaint that a senior equipment operator at the city had been making inappropriate comments of a sexual nature for 20 years and also that she had reached the breaking point. City officials believe that employers have brushed off complaints in the past; but that too, is changing.

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