Women winning BIG at the 2019 Oscars

A Banner Year For Diversity As Actors Of Color & Women Set Records. It was an amazing night for women at the 2019 acdemy awards. A total of 15 talented took home the coveted golden statutes at Sunday’s ceremony, the most in Oscar history. The previous record held for most female wins in a ceremony was […]

Women’s empowerment

The women’s empowerment movement is gaining strength every day. The movement looks to improve the quality of life of women, allowing them to fully participate in business and the economy. The abilities of women in making decisions, education, and profession have been largely suppressed since ages, considering them inferior to men. Because the situation is […]

Amazon Headquarters pulls out of NYC

After community blacklash from protesters, Amazons plan of making Queens, NY it’s headquarters have come to an end. Amazon on Thursday canceled its plans to build an expansive corporate campus in New York City after facing an unexpectedly fierce backlash from lawmakers, progressive activists and union leaders, who contended that a tech giant did not […]

Sexual harassment is on the rise after #MeToo movement

The city of San Antonio Texas has been confronted with sexual allegation cases, by comments & touching have recently surfaced. The number of victims who’ve reported being sexually harassed has gone up ever since the MeToo movement started, In the year immediately following, there were 16 sexual harassment investigations; almost double over the previous year.”Having […]

Immigrants Sue US Over End to Protected Status.

Immigrants from Honduras and Nepal have filed a lawsuit alleging the Trump administration unfairly ended a program that lets them live and work in the United States. The lawsuit filed late Sunday in San Francisco says the Department of Homeland Security’s decision to end so-called temporary protected status was motivated by racism. It also alleges […]

Nearly 100 children dead from Ebola in Congo as crisis worsens.

Nearly 100 children have died since the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo started last year — and the crisis is gathering pace, with the number of new cases doubling last month, according to charity Save the Children.At least 97 children, 65 of whom were younger than 5 years old, have died from […]

Climate change is already making Atlantic hurricanes more fierce, study finds

Climate change is caused through the increase of greenhouse gas emissions within Earth’s atmosphere. Through trapping sunlight, temperatures have risen over the past years thus being called climate change. However, through things like being energy efficient or changing aspects within daily life climate change can be lessened.  Reducing gas emission both in peoples own life […]

Chicago is colder than parts of Antarctica & Mars.

Chicago’s frigid weather is worse than parts of Siberia, the Yukon and the Arctic. In fact, the deep freeze is even colder than recent temperatures on Mars. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Chicago was minus 27 on Jan. 20, 1985.  The city has started to shut down, with everything from museums to Schools, Amtrak […]

Models involved with Fyre Festival may have to reveal how much they were paid after court subpoena.

Fyre Festival was a “luxury music festival” created with the intent of promoting the Fyre music booking app. The event was promoted on Instagram by “social media influencers” including socialite and model Kendall Jenner, model Bella Hadid, model and actress Emily Ratajkowski, and other media personalities, many of whom did not initially disclose they had […]